The Ultimate Lifestyle / Security Wearable! Protects your phone and other valuables from theft, receives text, call, Uber and other alerts, and speaks to 911 for you, even when you can't - from $179.
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Stiletto by Secure Couture

Stiletto Gemstone Collection - Customize Yours Now!

Measuring less than 1" x 1" and made of stainless steel and gemstones, Stiletto is a totally different type of wearable, one that is capable of transforming virtually any fashion accessory you choose to wear into the most advanced lifestyle and personal security wearable ever made.
Pre-Orders Receive FREE 6 Months Premium Service ($60 Value!)

$319 $ 219.00 $ 249.00

"…this is one piece of technology - and jewellery - that could be a necessity rather than a luxury." - Cosmopolitan UK

"Over the course of the night, I was pretty rough on Stiletto. I banged it against the bar, spilled a bit of my drink on it (it's water-resistant), and jingled my wrist a lot more than a regular bar patron might. After the end of the night, it came out just fine, though my wrist was pretty tired. And despite the fact that I fiddled with it a lot and wore it on my necklace at one point, no one at the bar paid attention to it." - Cosmopolitan US

"It's a design with wide appeal, technology with precise location, and innovation that brings style and security together in a unique fashion." – Fox News

 "...the simple charm that could potentially save your life"  CBS News

"a trendy, sparkly, and attractive charm", "...a product that will revolutionize the way women protect themselves" – Erin Guy, ABC News

"With the companion app, you can plan routes and keep track of your phone. There is a lot to like here." – Gadgetify.com

"...the device has a number of features, beyond its looks, that make it attractive: built-in microphone, the ability to “speak” to 911 when you can’t, enhanced indoor location technology, route planning, multiple alert systems, and more." – T. Christianson, Inman.com

"This is a pretty ingenious device, both in terms of its functionality, as well as its appearance. Clearly, the selling point of the Stiletto is the functionality, but it looks unlike any wearable that I have ever come across." – Techfaster.com

"Stiletto takes security for women to a new level." – shoxtechs.com

"I saw this & thought….BRILLIANT!!!  You can call the police without the person you're calling on even realizing it.  How awesome is that?" – sexybagsandshoes.com

Designed for the Real World

From its inception, Stiletto's features were inspired by a diverse group of women and guided by their real-world experiences:

Jewelry - ideal for graduation gifts

Versatile - compatible with charm bracelets from Pandora


Speaks to 911 For You

Finds You Indoors - Great for Campus Safety

Simple to Use

Hears You with Microphone for Audio Evidence Recording

Measuring less than 1" x 1" and crafted with optional gold vermeil and semi-precious stones, Stiletto is a totally different type of wearable, one that is capable of transforming virtually any fashion accessory you choose to wear into the most advanced lifestyle and personal security wearable ever made. 

Stiletto Charger and Gold Charm with Smoky Quartz

Despite its small size, Stiletto contains a high-fidelity omni-directional microphone, vibration motor and alert speaker, and a rechargeable battery with nearly a week of standby time. Stiletto's Bluetooth processor and radio are more powerful than those currently found in any other similar wearable. This power not only ensures maximum range and reliability, it also gives Stiletto its unique ability: to reliably provide automated voice assistance that communicates critical information for you even when you can't get to your phone or are unable to speak ... even when your cellphone has no data service.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices of nearly all vintages, Stiletto can help you alert your friends and family as well as 911 when you need them most — whenever and wherever, even if your phone is buried in your bag. Stiletto emergency alerts and real-time location updates are sent using ALL available means (including voice calling and SMS messaging). Your emergency contacts can receive and review Stiletto alerts using any type of phone, including non-smartphones and land-lines. Additionally, your contacts do not need to install anything on their phones to receive or respond to your alerts. Stiletto can NEVER be used to track you or your location; instead, Stiletto only delivers emergency information to selected contacts at your discretion. Stiletto, simply put, is seriously smart personal security.

Stiletto Features

Covert Security You'll Love to Wear

Personal security is no-one's business but your own. No matter what you choose to wear, Stiletto charms blend in, are interchangeable, and are indistinguishable from ordinary jewelry pieces. 

Bracelet with Stiletto Onyx Charm

(Stiletto Gemstone Collection - Silver Onyx, $249; Rivet Wrap Bolt Bracelet by Henri Bendel, $88; Chain-Link Silver-Tone Toggle Bracelet by Michael Kors, $95)

Not only does this mean that you retain complete control over your style and fashion sense, it means that no-one will ever know you're wearing it unless you tell them. Combined with Stiletto's configurable silent alert mode, phone and smart tag tracking, and fun mobile and social notifications, Stiletto is covert alert technology that you'll truly love to wear.

Send Critical Alerts in Real Time

Real security requires that your critical alerts travel to responders - including 911 - as fast and as reliably as possible. Stiletto is the only personal security wearable that meets this high standard. Whereas other solutions rely upon SMS messages that are often delayed by minutes or even hours or hinge upon data services that may not be available during an emergency (such as when you're in a parking garage), Stiletto uses ALL available means to send content-rich Voice, SMS,  and Data messages to your friends, family and emergency responders within seconds of being activated. 

In addition, Stiletto is the ONLY system capable of alerting all your emergency contacts using all of these communications channels at once. Combined with 911URL.COM, Stiletto is also the only system that is 100% compatible with, and can communicate your profile and location to, every single 911 dispatch in the USA. Stiletto also works with many other emergency number systems (e.g. 111, 112, 999, etc) around the world. Additionally, Stiletto's sophisticated firmware makes it the only Bluetooth device of its kind that can recover from repeated Bluetooth signal loss and even recover and resume dropped emergency calls.

Stiletto Voice Assistant Speaks For You

There are many emergency situations where you cannot speak. For example, you may be physically restrained from speaking, suffering from an injury that results in you being unable to speak, or you may be in a situation where the threat is ongoing and where making any sound may endanger you or others. Stiletto is the first and only voice-assisted alert system that can help ensure that 911 recognizes your call as a legitimate call for help and responds appropriately without you needing to speak.

Stiletto Locator+ locates you indoors

When you're indoors, GPS satellite-based location rarely works and offers little in the way of security. Stiletto Locator+TM utilizes unique, patent-pending Wi-Fi location estimation and caching algorithms in order to establish the location of Wi-Fi access points as they come in and out of range. Stiletto Locator+TM improves overall location accuracy in order to supply emergency responders with the best available information on your location, wherever you may be.

Share routes and never lose your phone with proximity alerts

Within the Stiletto app you can easily plan routes based on crime statistics, sexual offender registries, and other databases, and instantly share your planned routes with your emergency contacts so that they receive automatic location alerts should you unexpectedly leave your planned route.

Stiletto also helps you keep track of your phone and other belongings (when used with Bluetooth-LE "Smart Tags"). Should you leave your phone or other belongings behind, Stiletto will buzz and emit tones to remind you to go back and get it. Stiletto's smartphone app also issues a single (optional) reminder to let you know Stiletto is there for you if you need it.

The only wearable that speaks for you when you can't speak

A list of product specifications

A list of hardware specifications

Class-leading services at no charge

Stiletto's mobile app and class-leading basic service package are completely free of charge and always will be. 

Simply download the free app, add your friends and family to your emergency contacts, and you can share planned routes, send alerts with location information via SMS, dial 911 in emergencies, and feel safe knowing you have the only system that can recover from both repeated Bluetooth signal loss and even recover and resume dropped emergency calls.

In addition, all pre-orders will also receive six months of premium service at no charge, including:

  • Stiletto Voice+TM voice-assist technology that helps communicate your location, even when you can't speak and have no data service (patent-pending).

  • Stiletto Locator+TM which further improves location accuracy when indoors (patent-pending).

  • 911URL.COM provides vital profile information to 911 that facilitates cooperation and accelerates the response of emergency service providers.

  • Simultaneous multi-party calling of designated emergency contacts.

  • Call audio recording and secure storage (for possible use as evidence).

Please Note: Your purchase does not enroll you in the paid service.

Stiletto beats the competition in every measurable category

Existing personal security apps and devices often claim to provide peace-of-mind without actually providing effective or reliable access to emergency services. Stiletto not only represents a major breakthrough in terms of personal security, it beats the alternatives in every other measurable category.

A woman wearing a Stiletto gold cross charm Christmas gift

Stiletto is already working

After more than two years in development, Stiletto is ready for production. In fact, the Stiletto charm shown in our campaign video is a real Stiletto charm containing a real (pre-production) Stiletto Smart Module. It can do everything we've mentioned on this page, has been tested for compatibility with 911 and can also perform the following advanced functions:

  • Call emergency contacts, detect answering machines, and recover dropped calls
  • Call 911 and share enhanced indoor location, using the Stiletto Voice+TM voice assistant,  without data service
  • Recover and resume calls after intermittent Bluetooth connection loss
  • Automatically answer 911 callbacks following a dropped 911 call
  • "Hot Mic"; this feature enables 911 to call you back after a dropped call, and directly connect to Stiletto's microphone, in some cases without the phone even ringing!

This means that Stiletto is real ... ready for people to rely on for its fun, lifestyle enhancing features as well as under adverse real-world conditions. It's a mature design that we look forward to delivering in Early 2017.

A message from the founders

First of all, thank you so much for showing an interest in Stiletto and in women's lifestyle and safety initiatives.

We've been working for more than two years to make Stiletto the most advanced lifestyle and personal security wearable ever made. Stiletto is ready for production, and although we have already overcome all of the technical challenges, we still need your help.

Your support will not only enable us to bring Stiletto to market, it will also aid us in our work with the National Center on Sexual and Domestic Violence. Your purchase will help us deliver subsidized products and services to women's shelters, women on campus, K-12 teachers, and others at risk for violence, stalking, or abuse.

Even if you decide that Stiletto is not for you, please consider donating to this important cause by clicking here.

Thank you again for taking time to visit our page and show your support.



Alex Gladstone
Daniel Gladstone
Co-Founders, Stiletto / Secure Couture, LLC

Why we need your help

Your support will enable us to bring Stiletto to many women who want to improve their personal safety but have never had a legitimate option compatible with their lifestyle. 

With your support, together we can empower women by enhancing their personal security and giving them access to the most beautiful, effective, and discreet security wearable ever conceived.

Why should you support us?

  • You live your life on your own terms and desire the best in a personal security wearable.

  • You or someone you know participates in online dating and is concerned about safety when meeting new people.
  • You want to buy a gift for a woman in your life who enjoys real jewelry and who deserves to be and feel more secure when out and about.
  • Your daughter is leaving home for the first time and you want to make a contribution to her personal safety as a graduation gift or Christmas gift.

  • Safety matters to you and you believe in the power of Stiletto to make a difference.

Statistics about women and safety

On September 5th, 2014, the US Centers for Disease Control ("CDC") released the most recent National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. The summary results are extremely disturbing:

  • 19.3% of women in the United States (nearly 1-in-5)  have been survivors of rape

  • Nearly 80% indicated that they were first raped before the age of 25

  • 15% of women have been victimized by stalkers

  • 1.6% of women indicated they had been raped during the year preceding the survey. This equates to approximately 2.5 million women being the survivors of rape in the United States each year

Meanwhile, the story as it relates to campus safety is even worse:

  • In a survey of male college students, 35% anonymously admitted that, under certain circumstances, they would commit rape if they believed they could get away with it

  • Based on related statistics, there is no reason for male college students to believe they will ever be caught; 85% of rapes go unreported, only 1.5% of rapes result in a trial, and only 0.6% of rapes (1-in-167) result in a conviction at trial

It is clear that everyone - women and men alike - would be safer if there was a better way to gather physical evidence of a violent assault in real-time. Stiletto's unique approach to personal security is the first legitimate tool to acquire this type of evidence in the form of audio recording. Our hope is that Stiletto, in combination with ongoing efforts to educate people about the dangers of sexual and domestic violence, will stem the tide and change the equation for those who believe that they can harm others without fear of punishment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. PURCHASING AND SETUP (options, setup)
  2. BUYING AND SHIPPING (Shipping costs, International, Timeline)
  3. TECHNICAL (pairing, charging, syncing, range, reliability)
  4. PRIVACY AND SECURITY (profile, data and location security)
  5. PHONE COMPATIBILITY (my phone, proximity alerts)
  6. OTHER

Purchasing and Setup

What is included with the basic Stiletto package?

The basic Stiletto package consists of the Stiletto Smart Module in black and silver tone hypoallergenic stainless steel, a portable jewelry box charger and USB cable, your choice of Stiletto jewelry charm, and your choice of rope necklace with extender (also in silver tone hypoallergenic stainless steel). Premium options are available and include modules in gold tone, charms with gold vermeil plating and/or semi-precious gemstones, and necklaces in gold tone as well. Keep in mind that gemstones have naturally occurring variations that make each stone unique, and that gemstones may not be identical to those pictured. All pre-orders will also be eligible to receive six months of premium service (see "Class-Leading Services at No Charge" above). 

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is plating of at least 10 carat (42%) with thickness equivalent to at least 2.5 microns of fine gold; this is among the "thickest" of gold plating standards as set by the federal trade commission.

How easy is it to set up Stiletto?

Stiletto is extremely easy to use, and functions similarly to other Bluetooth devices, only more reliable. With Stiletto, simply unbox, place on the charger, and install the app. Once the app tells you your battery is at 100%, you are ready to go. That's it.

In some photos I see Stiletto being attached to other jewelry accessories (necklaces, bracelets...),  how does this work?

All Stiletto charms come with a hinged charm bale. When closed the bale has an interior diameter of about 5mm. This allows Stiletto charms to be attached to a wide variety of linked and rope-style chains as well as leather necklace and bracelet pieces including charm bracelets offered by Pandora, Chamilia, Troll Beads, Persona, and many others. Should you desire a different style or size of bale, many jewelers are capable of changing this component for you at relatively low cost.

Buying and Shipping

What are the shipping costs? Can I get Stiletto in my country?

Shipping in the continental US is $9.99. There is additional cost for shipping outside of the continental US, and extra fees such as customs, duties, or other costs associated with your country are not included. Depending on your country, you may need to purchase an accessory USB power adapter. While our system is known to work with many international emergency phone systems and operates in multiple languages, we cannot guarantee it will work in all countries and languages. Currently, most countries with the following official languages are supported: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. In fact, Stiletto's mobile app already senses when you have traveled to a new country and will notify you with a reminder to update your firmware's language so that Stiletto can continue to function while you are abroad. Additional countries and languages are planned. If shipment to your country proves impossible, we promise to reimburse your order.

When is the soonest I can expect to receive Stiletto?

Estimated shipping dates for the device begin in Early 2017, however if possible we will have the shipment out to you even earlier. This we promise: we are working around the clock and as soon as it’s ready, it will be on it's way to you or the person in your life whose safety is important to you.


How do I pair my phone with Stiletto? What if I need to pair my phone with other Bluetooth devices (e.g. car, stereo, headset, etc), will Stiletto still work?

To pair Stiletto, you first enable pairing within your smartphone's Bluetooth settings, then place the Stiletto smart module into it's charger and press down for about 3 seconds. Stiletto emits a tone to indicate it has entered the pairing mode, and another distinctive tone to indicate when pairing is finished. We have tested Stiletto extensively to ensure that there are no compatibility issues, and have thus far never found a case where pairing your phone with one or more other Bluetooth devices has interfered with Stiletto's proper functioning. Stiletto supports a test and training feature that we recommend you use each time you change the pairing options within your smartphone, just to be safe.

How do I charge Stiletto? What is USB On-The-Go charging?

Place the Stiletto smart module into it's charger, and plug into any USB power source such as a laptop or the included USB AC power adapter. The charger has an LED indicator to let you know when Stiletto is fully charged, and Stiletto's mobile app includes a battery indicator as well. A full charge takes less than 1 hour, and will provide roughly 40 mins of talk time and almost a week of standby time, depending on your device settings. 

USB On-The-Go is a USB standard that allows Stiletto to be charged using your phone as the power source. Many popular Android phones, including phones from HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung support this type of charging, and there is an accessory cable available for purchase. Please see your phones technical specifications to see if this option is available to you. USB On-The-Go charging is not compatible with Apple iOS-based devices. 

Why do I need to sync my emergency contacts and other information with Stiletto? How do I sync with Stiletto? What is 911URL.COM?

Stiletto does not waste precious seconds during an emergency by calling through a call center; instead, Stiletto uses it own embedded voice assistant, dialing plan, answering machine detection, and more to ensure that your voice, emergency information, and location always reach their destination as quickly and reliably as possible. Of course, this trick requires Stiletto to gather some information from the wearer, which is what syncing is all about.

Syncing is easy. The mobile app asks to sync with Stiletto whenever critical information is updated, and prompts the wearer to place Stiletto on its charger and issue a short-press to complete the syncing process.

911URL.COM is a cloud-based repository of emergency profile information, ID pictures, and more. The information is only made accessible to 911 dispatchers and your emergency contacts whenever an emergency call is made, and is extremely useful in aiding emergency responders to rapidly assimilate and share your critical information, thus improving response times. 911URL.COM also works in most other countries supported by Stiletto.

What kind of range can I expect from Stiletto? What if my phone is in my purse in another room?

Stiletto uses one of the most powerful Bluetooth class 2 radios with a range of roughly 30 feet (~10 meters). In testing, Stiletto has performed well in real-world scenarios, such as around corners, through closed doors and walls, and when phones have been concealed in purses and laptop bags placed in another room. Additionally, Stiletto's sophisticated firmware makes it the only Bluetooth device of its kind that can recover from repeated Bluetooth signal loss and even recover and resume dropped emergency calls!

How can Stiletto work without data when no other app or device can?

Stiletto makes phone calls, and phone calls don't require data services. Once a call is established, Stiletto's Voice+TM voice assistant and other communications techniques enable the communication of your disposition, your information, and even your location, all without the need for data service. Stiletto's patent-pending approach is unique and enables live location updates to continue throughout the entire duration of the call.

Privacy and Security

Who sees my emergency profile and when? What about route sharing?

Your emergency profile is only accessible during an emergency, and can only be viewed by 911, emergency responders in contact with 911, and your designated emergency contacts. 911URL.COM profile information is accessible via desktop as well as mobile internet platforms. Routes calculated by the Stiletto mobile app are only shared at the user's express request; each time a route is chosen, a dialog box is shown asking the user to select which contacts should receive the route and the associated alerts.

Is my information secure?

We use bank-level security. All communication between the Stiletto mobile app, Stiletto cloud servers and 911URL.COM are encrypted over SSL (HTTPS). Audio, images, and profile data are all stored and encrypted using AES encryption. Audio recording may not be available in some jurisdictions except by court order.

Can this be used to keep track of my daughter / wife / mother / sister / etc?

Stiletto is the most advanced personal security wearable ever made, it is not a tracking device and it is not possible to use Stiletto in this way.

Compatibility with mobile phones

Will Stiletto work with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows? What about proximity alerts?

Stiletto has been designed to be compatible with almost any phone supporting location awareness and standard Bluetooth headset connectivity. Mobile app development is already underway for iOS and Android platforms, and there are plans to launch with Windows phone support as well. Stiletto's phone and smart tag tracking and mobile notification features requires the phone to support Bluetooth 4.0 connections; please see your phone's technical specifications to determine whether or not your phone supports this capability.

Other important information

Is this really possible?

Yes! Please review the "Stiletto is Already Working" section above and you'll see exactly how far along this technology really is. Keep in mind that Stiletto is a complex device and people will be relying on it during stressful and sometimes even life-threatening situations; this means that although we cannot absolutely guarantee your safety due to many factors beyond our control such as lack of cell coverage, human error, overwhelming 911 dispatch events, etc., even first-production-run Stiletto units must be built to an exceptionally high level of quality. Although Stiletto's design is far more mature than most pre-sold products, quality of this type always presents the opportunity to generate unexpected and unforeseen manufacturing and production delays. That said, we promise to continue providing our supporters with timely and transparent communication and, with your help, Stiletto will soon be transforming the fashion accessories you love to wear into the most advanced personal security wearable ever made.

Please send us any questions you may have. 

We hope you join us.